About We Say Sold Inc

We Say Sold Inc is a real estate solutions company based out of Palm Bay.  We’re a family-owned business that helps people move on to the next phase of their life though buying or selling a home. We also help homeowners find solutions for problems that may arise, like going through a foreclosure, probate, being unable to sell your property due to deferred maintenance or repairs, or need to sell a house for all kinds of reasons.

We’re both real estate investors and licensed, reputable Space Coast real estate agents, so we work with homeowners to find the best solution to sell their Space Coast home fast, on or off- by listing or finding a quick cash investor-buyer.

Because we are experienced, active investors (rehabbers, landlords, and developers) we know how to get a deal done. We have a passion for real estate, and know that challenges are opportunities in disguise. When you are buying your home, you can’t rely on our advanced experience in working with distressed properties. We understand what inspectors are talking about when they recommend repairs, and can give you additional insight into repairs. Plus we can often recommend quality resources that will help keep your costs down.

We provide win-win solutions for buyers and sellers.

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